How to Fix Nexus 5X Problem: Photos are Upside Down

Many of Nexus 5X users report that they find problem at their photos within their device. They find that the displaying photos are upside down on certain apps.

Some users claim that this trouble is caused by the old android camera API usage by those apps. This is just one of other options suspected as the culprit of the upside down photos problem.

How to Fix Nexus 5X Problem: Photos are Upside Down

This is quite irritating because the photos that keep moving, it cannot focus and it difficult to take an action on it. The photos cannot be enjoyed or cannot be seen properly, either you cannot edit it or share it comfortably because it keep moving.

There are some options you can do to overcome this displaying photos problem. The simplest thing you can do when you get this kind of problem is, by changing your photo application. Try to download another photo apps and install it to your Nexus 5X.

Try to open an image with it to see whether your problem is gone or it still remain the same. If the photo is normally opened and it stays still, so please keep using that photos application, because you already find the solution for your displaying photos problem.

The next option is the potential solution for your displaying photos problem that you need to do if you don’t want to overcome it by changing the photos app. You can try to update your photos app and see whether your problem is gone or not.

If it stills the same, please updating your photos app by contacting the developer of that app. For your information, LG and Google already reach out the developers.

That means that there is a big chance that most of problematic apps could be updated and fixed in a quite short time. After you contact them, your problematic photos app will be updated soon according by your request.

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