How to Fix Motorola Moto G Problems: Call Volume Too Low

Do you have a smartphone? When you use a phone or certain smartphone, you absolutely will face some appearing problems to your phone. One of the common problems is call volume too low.

Many people have problems with the volume. The volume sounds so low so that Moto G users can’t hear it. Speaker volume of Moto G can sound very loud when you listen to the music and videos. But, it becomes so slow when you hear the calls from the people. It makes you get the loss of audio systems and tools of Moto G.

How to Fix Moto G Problems: Call Volume Too Low

Here are the ways to fix call volume too low problem

If you have identified the volume problem of Moto G, it is the time to fix it properly. You have some brilliant strategies to repair it. You usually handle this problem by turning the Moto G off and on again. However, it is actually not an ideal solution to solve volume problem.

Try seeking the other strategies to fix it well. You may implement these ways. Firstly, try pressing the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons together. Another way is pressing Volume Down and then Volume Up button again. After that, change it to the most comfortable volume level.

When you have applied those above steps, make sure that there are no lint, dust, or debris trapped on the earphone of Moto G or microphone hole. Those can create a problem of low volume sound. To clean it, you may use soft brush or compressed air.

The other strategies in fixing this low volume are checking the operation system updates, Motorola has released an update that is supposed to address this issue. You can check for it via Settings > About Phone > System Updates. If there is no better change, you should take the final step. Bring your phone to Motorola, your carrier, or retailer to fix it.

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