How to Fix Motorola Moto G Problems: Blank or Pale Screen

Several problems can be possibly related with this bug. Several Moto G users experienced extremely pale screen. Off course with this kind screen it will be difficult to see what’s on the screen let alone to navigate various tasks and apps.

Even worse, some other users report completely blank screen unresponsive to any touches. Should you face this situation, these can be really useful to address it.

How to Fix Moto G Problems: Blank or Pale Screen

Possible solutions to fix Moto G problems: blank or pale screen

Check the color inversion. This can be identified when the background screen gone black but the text is still white. You can disable it by enter Settings and choose Accessibility. You can easily disable color inversion there.

Although it is only small possibility, you may accidentally turned down screen brightness to minimum level. For this situation, find the light sensor on the front side of Moto G and shine is with bright light. It will make the screen brighten enough allowing you to see the brightness control.

Another approach is to lock the handled using Power button, then swipe up, swipe down twice. Near the top of the Moto G screen, move your finger left to right. It will allow you to catch the brightness control.

For more advanced solution, you can choose to boot into recovery mode. This can be quite tricky so follow the step carefully. First turn your Moto G unit off. Once it is turned off, you need to press and hold both Power and Volume down button together to enter boot options menu.

Find recovery using the Volume down and select it by pressing Volume up button. You will see Android robot on the screen and that’s when you need to press and hold both Volume up and Power buttons.

Recovery menu will appear and first try to wipe cache partition. Should that doesn’t fix the problem, try the process once again but instead of wipe cache partition choose wipe data/factory reset. Be advised that this process will clean all data.

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