How to Fix Moto G Reboot When Charging or Won’t Charge

One of the interesting marketing strategies by Motorola team with Moto G is to present the phone without a charger. Instead of a standard charger unit, each Moto G is only equipped with a standard USB cable.

This is actually a pretty neat idea, which means that your Moto G will work with any standard charger that is usually present in most household. It is believed that the absence of charger is effective in bringing production cost down, thus Moto G can come out with a reasonable price.

How to Fix Moto G Reboot When Charging or Won’t Charge

Universal and efficient as it might be, the standard USB cable has run with several issues such as: phone reboot when plugged in during charging or phone refuses to charge when the battery runs down. Another familiar problem is that Moto G turns itself off and simply refuses to charge.

How to Fix Moto G Reboot When Charging or Won’t Charge:

Ultimately, the charger that you use to charge your Moto G by a USB cable will define the charging process. Simply try different chargers that you have with you and it is highly likely that you will find the most suitable one among many.

The ideal specification for the charger that works most compatibly with Moto G is a charger rated between 500mA and 1.5A. Within the range provided, the higher the rating, the faster your Moto G will charge. On the other hand, any charger with higher range of rating will not work well with self restriction warning from the Moto G itself.

Most reports are related to users who let the Moto G to hit 0% on the battery life. The phone usually will refuse to charge and won’t power up.

The solution is to let it cool down for a while before directly plugging in the cable. As it cools down, plug in a charger (try a different one) and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes. After that, hold the power key for 15 to 20 seconds and the problem will be fixed.

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  1. I’m really not sure what is the deal with my phone.
    It just randomly started powering down. I thought maybe it was the heat, but even when I let it cool down, it would still randomly power off while I’m doing something or another.

    Here’s the really frustrating part. I’ll try to charge my phone on any charger and it will turn on, like normal, only to power down immediately as it meets the home screen. I’ve tried everything man.


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