How to Fix Moto G LED Notification Not Working

Ever since its first launch, the Moto G has been a nice addition to Motorola collection of phones. But what soon follows after its successful launch is a report of its phone’s notification LED that fails to work.

Many confusions soon arise as there isn’t any software that enable its switch anywhere in the Settings app. Despite the incoming emails, texts, or missed calls, there are no flashing white LED to indicate them. Users who have tried to install third party apps such as LightFlow also see no success in activating it.

How to Fix Moto G LED Notification Not Working

The culprit to this problem is a bug that has been known to affect the LED notification on the Moto G. It is also a side effect of restoring from users Google account to the Moto G, a common part of setup process for first time use.

Usually this works smoothly but in some cases, this interferes with the LED notification setting which disable the lights with no way to bring it to work.

However, there is an easy fix for this issue which turns out to be used to many other Motorola phones that share the same problem.

There is a recent widget release by Motorola called Notification Light Widget. By a simple download, you will be able to place in on a home screen and toggle it on to enable the LED. You can then remove the widget and the LED notification will continue to perform its task.

Here’s Moto’s official explanation of the bug and solution:

“On some devices (such as Motorola Droid RAZR HD), a small number of users found that the notification light was disabled after logging into their Google account if it was disabled previously on other devices with the same Google account. This widget restores the ability to control the light on devices without an exposed setting.”

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