How to Fix LG V10 Problem: Wi-Fi Won’t Connect or Slow

How to Fix LG V10 Wi-Fi Problem – Some people who use LG V10 report that they got problem on their Wi-Fi connection. They found that they could not enter to the web page completely because there is no connection.

Some others report that their phone Wi-Fi can connect but the connection is slow or they found that their Wi-Fi connection is not stable.

How to Fix LG V10 Problem: Wi-Fi Won’t Connect or Slow

This problem is usually caused by weak signal, but others may be caused by other factors. You need to find some solutions to resolve this problem so that you can use your phone and Wi-Fi Connection comfortably.

To overcome this kind of problem, you can take one of some options as the following explanations. You can try to forget then re-connect your problematic Wi-Fi connection.

You can do it by going into Settings, then tap Wi-Fi, and please tap the problematic network, and please tap Forget this Network and tap Forget. After you take those steps, please back to Wi-Fi settings and please set up a fresh connection.

Other things you can try are changing your Wi-Fi router settings or adjusting the security settings of your modem or router. It is important to ensure that the filter on your router is off or you already added your LG V10 MAC address by checking Settings > Wi-Fi > More, and tap Advanced, then find your Galaxy S6 MAC address listed there.

If those options are still not working, you can try to take the factory reset option to your LG V10. You can do this factory reset by opening the Settings then select Backup and Reset, and tap Factory Data Reset then select Reset Device and finally please Delete All and then Reboot. Your device will reboot and could get started freshly like the new one.

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