How to Fix LG V10 Problem: Freezing and Crashing

Some people who use LG V10 report that they got problem on their LG V10 that keep crashing and freezing. They found this problem while they open any apps in their phone. It means that the problem could be caused by the phone itself, not caused by a certain app.

This is quite irritating because while the problems come, the phone cannot respond any instructions. It lost the function immediately while it’s crashing or freezing.

How to Fix LG V10 Problem: Freezing and Crashing

The following explanations are some options to overcome this kind of problem. You can choose one of them or try all of them until you can overcome your LG V10 problems.

It is important for you to know that before trying any solution from these following solutions, please ensure that you already update your LG V10 to the latest software update. If the phone is still freezing and crashing, you need to try these following solutions.

One of them is by releasing some memories on your phone. It is possible that your problem is caused by the lack of memory on your LG V10, so this solution could solve your problem immediately if it’s the case.

You can delete some unimportant or old files and uninstall some apps that rarely used to release some memories on your phone. It is also possible that the problem is caused by the memory glitch, so you can try to restart your phone to see if there is any difference after that.

The next option to resolve the problem is by clearing data and cache on the apps that keep crashing. Please open Settings, then select Manage Applications. Please see the applications on the list and touch the crashing and freezing apps and tap Clear Data and Clear Cache available there.

The last option that you can choose to overcome the problem is by taking the factory reset and ensuring that you already back up the data before you do it.

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