How to Fix LG V10 Problem: Camera is Failed

Some people who use LG V10 report that they find problem at their phone camera. They find that the camera is actually fine at first they purchase their phone, but it become malfunctioned after it used for several times.

It gives unexpected message that let you know the camera is failed by this pop up: “Warning: Camera Failed”. This problem is not ended after the pop up message because the camera stops working after it. The following are some options for you to overcome this kind of problem.

How to Fix LG V10 Problem: Camera is Failed

One of potential solutions to resolve the problem is by restart your LG V10. You can do it by holding the Power button and the Home button together for several seconds. Please hold both of them until your LG V10 turns off and vibrates.

The next option you can try to resolve the problem is by clear data and cache the camera app. Please go to Settings, open the Application Manager and choose the camera app, then please select Force Stop then Clear Data and Clear Cache. After it finish, please check the camera to see whether the problem is resolved or it is still the same.

Other option that you can try to fix the problem is by clearing the cache partition on your LG V10. Please turn off your phone, then press and hold together the Volume up button, the Home button, and the Power button until for several seconds.

You will see an Android icon appear at the screen, please use Volume down to highlight wipe data/factory reset option, and press the Power button to select it. Please highlight Yes – delete all user data using the Volume down, and then use the Power button to select it. When the process is complete, you can select Reboot System now to reboot your device.

If those options are still not working, please ask some helps to technician or retailers. May you can get replacement under warranty of your problematic device.

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