How to Fix LG V10 Problem: Battery Not Charging

Although most of LG V10 users quite satisfied with LG V10 performance in common, some of LG V10 users report that they have problem with their device. They report that the phone battery is not charging while the charger is already plugged in.

This problem is quite serious because this device will not working at all when the battery is out and it is not charged although the charger is plugged in like how it done normally.

How to Fix LG V10 Problem: Battery Not Charging

Some people think that the problem is laid on their USB cable, and try to fix their problem by purchasing other USB cable and use them immediately. However, some of them become confused while they realize that their battery is still not charging although they use their new USB cable.

They start to know that sometimes, this kind of problem is not always come from the USB cable but it could be caused by other factors like the problem on the connectors, the damaged battery, the defective phone, or others. There are some options that potentially overcome your problem as the following explanation.

One of potential solutions that you can try to fix this problem is by checking whether this problem is caused by USB cable or by other things. You need to do this before you buy another USB cable so that you will not buy it for nothing if actually your old USB cable is fine, and your problem is caused by other things.

Other option is by cleaning your USB port because it is possible that your problem is caused by something that blocks USB charging port on your phone. You can clean it by a needle gently or by compressed air carefully so that you ensure it is not damaged by your tools to clean it.

Other thing you can try to fix your problem is by perform factory reset for your LG V10. This will help you to fix the problem as some users already successfully use this method. It is because the software on your LG V10 needs a reboot and it will back to normal after you reset it.

If all of those options are still not working, please ask some help from authorized technician and get replacement of your device if it needed.

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