How to Fix LG V10 Problem: Battery is Draining Quickly

Some LG V10 users report that they got problem on their LG V10 battery. They found that their phone battery is draining quickly where they have to recharge their phone battery often and the battery just last for less than a day.

This problem is quite irritating because when the phone battery is already draining, the phone function is limited. Sometimes, you cannot use the camera or video camera when your phone battery is low.

How to Fix LG V10 Problem: Battery is Draining Quickly

That makes your phone has even shorter battery life because when it in low battery, actually you cannot optimally use your LG V10. You have to find solution to overcome your problem so that you can use your LG V10 comfortably.

Here are some options you can do to overcome your phone battery problem. One of options to overcome the problem is by disabling Wi-Fi on your phone. The Wi-Fi that turned on all day will cause your phone battery drain quickly it.

It is better for your battery power to turn off your Wi-Fi and turn it on just when you need to use it. You also can disable your LTE, Location, and Bluetooth device to save your battery power. You can just turn it on when you need those features.

Other option to fix your power battery is by using LG V10 Power Saving Mode. This is also a simple way to set your location or GPS turned on automatically when it needed and turned off when it is not needed. For your information, you have to realize that this Power Saving Mode will limit the functions of your phone.

Other thing you can try is by disabling or managing the background Sync. You can do it by pulling down the notification shade, then please tap on Sync to disable it. You also can do it by tapping the Settings then please choose Accounts. After you choose some apps on the list, please disable Sync on the apps according to your preference to save your battery power.

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