How to Fix LG G4 Problem: Wi-Fi Won’t Connect or Very Slow

Some people who use LG G4 report that they found problem with their phone’s Wi-Fi connection. Most of them can connect to a Wi-Fi connection but they cannot get the stable one, they get a very slow connection.

Besides it is very slow, the unstable Wi-Fi connection can make it disconnected randomly at times. Some others even cannot connect at all to a Wi-Fi connection. Those are problems found at LG G4 Wi-Fi connection reported by the users.

How to Fix LG G4 Problem: Wi-Fi Won’t Connect or Very Slow

To overcome this problem, you can take one of some options as the following explanations. You can try the simple way to fix your Wi-Fi connection problem by turning off your router and turning off your phone, and turning on both of them again.

Then you can try to go Settings, then tap Wi-Fi, and please press for several seconds on your network destination then tap Forget. After that, you can set your new connection.

Other option to overcome your Wi-Fi connection problem is by checking whether there is something that interfering your Wi-Fi connection or not. You can check it by going into Settings, then tap General, and please tap Battery & Power saving and then please check that Battery Saver is not interfering your Wi-Fi connection.

You also could check it by following these steps: please tap the Settings, then tap General, and please tap Smart Functions and then tap Smart Settings then please make sure that there is nothing that interfering your Wi-Fi connection here.

If you can connect to a 2.4 GHz connection, you can choose it rather than use 5 GHz connection. Or if you already use the 5 GHz connection, please change to a 2.4 GHz connection instead so that you can see the difference between connecting to both of them and choose what you really need.

Other option is using application like Wi-Fi Analyzer to help us knowing whether we need to switch our channel to the less crowded one or not and please ensure that your router firmware is up to date by check in with your ISP or router manufacturer.

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