How to Fix LG G4 Problem: Unresponsive Touchscreen

Some people who use LG G4 report that there some troubles with their phone’s screen. They find that the phone’s touch screen is unresponsive. Sometimes, when they tap the touch screen it loads very slowly or in other occasion, it not even gives any respond.

Some of them also report that the problem especially is in specific area of the phone’s screen. The problems often occur when they tap special characters on the keyboard, like they have to tap on a letter for several seconds to get that character comes out, or even several letters are missed or won’t come out at all.

How to Fix LG G4 Problem: Unresponsive Touchscreen

To check whether the problem is actually comes from phone’s screen sensitivity or not, you can start to confirm it by trying Multitouch Test application in your LG G4. You can ensure where is the main problem that occurs on your phone’s screen by using this application.

After you find the problem specifically, you can start to do some options to overcome that problem. For example, if the main problem is in your phone’s keyboard, you can try to use other keyboard like Swiftkey, Google Keyboard, or any others.

In several cases, the problem is actually caused by the screen protector that applied on the phone’s screen, or a case that used to protect the phone.

If you have the same problem with these issues, then you can try to remove the screen protector or the case to see whether your phone’s screen will back to normal after removing those stuffs.

However, LG also acknowledge that there is an issue here. The Head of LG’s marketing in U.S gives his suggestion for all LG users to update the LG keyboard by following these steps: tap the Settings, then tap General, and please choose About phone, then tap Update Center, and choose App Update to fix your problem if it is a problem that mainly occurs in your keyboard.

Other option is by toggling the Force GPU Rendering in the Developer Option menu. Please unlock the Developer Options by go to Settings, then tap General, and please choose About phone, then tap Software Info, and tap Build Number for several times until “You are now a developer!” notification comes out.Then please back to Settings > General, and you can see Developer Options then toggle Force GPU Rendering.

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