How to Fix LG G4 Problem: Screen Splitting Vertically

One of the problems found by people who use LG G4 is the problem on the screen. It is reported that there is a case where the screen is splits vertically and one half sticks while other changes when it scrolled down or up.

It separates and there are two halves screen viewed on the phone. This problem is quite serious because it distracts the screen and users cannot use the device normally. It make the users cannot text a messages or read it, cannot see any pictures or doing other functions on the phone.

How to Fix LG G4 Problem: Screen Splitting Vertically

It needs solution so that the screen back to normal and the screen doesn’t split again. There some options to overcome this splitting screen problem that temporarily could solve the problem or permanently overcome it.

One of options you could do to overcome your splitting screen problem is by restarting your LG G4 device. After you restart the phone, you might find that the problem is solved, although it maybe only a temporary solution. Splitting screen problem probably going back again.

It is a worthy thing to try because you can use it in important occasions. You can use that option when you urgently need to use your phone but the problem comes suddenly. To get non temporary solution, you need another option to overcome your splitting screen problem.

Other option to overcome this splitting screen problem is by using the software fix from LG. This is possible for you because there is a chance that LG will put that software fix automatically over the air (OTA). You can wait for that software fix and use it while it already available for your LG G4.

If those options cannot help to overcome the splitting screen problem on your phone, please ask help to your carrier, retailer, or LG. You can ask help and get the replacement handset there. Feel free to write on comment section below if you have another solutions for this problem.

8 thoughts on “How to Fix LG G4 Problem: Screen Splitting Vertically”

  1. I have recently purchased a lg g4 cell phone. I am not impressed, the screen is split, static color runs up left side. Can’t scroll up or down, can’t use the dam n phone . These phones should all be recalled n owners should be given a full REFUND plus shipping n handling charges. Good luck getting any response to that. I am not a happy camper after this purchase

  2. Just put a new screen on my LG G4 and it has the split screen. I put the old screen on and it has the same problem so it’s not a hardware problem it has to be a software problem.
    Talked to LG and AT&T and both was a waste of time. Since this problem only happens on LG phones I will not buy anymore LG phones. The problem is on LG G3, LG G4, LG G5 and the LG V10.

  3. Helloo mate I also overcome a problem. in my lg g4 and its kinda ruined. I tried to fix it and I got. the point where problem coming from.. its from main IC processor at board due to overheating located at back in midlle amd it doesnt sends electric current to lower display ribbon sheet at one point down in front of board I tested it with galvanometer.. and what I did I spraed warm. heat on main IC for a bit of time and paste start coming out from the processor beneath I polished it and removed it and my lg g4 worked. fine till a couple of week but again that problem came..

  4. What will i do if my phone is more 1 year old. And is not on warranty date when split screen happened? Can I demand a replacement for my unit or do just need to get them fixed? Because I don’t think paying for it is a good idea when I know that it is a problem to many LG g4 owners. Please help me.

  5. My screen just started splitting yesterday. It renders the phone almost completely useless. Very unhappy as this is the FOURTH G4 I’ve had. Verizon has had to send me THREE replacement phones because they keep on dying on me.

    This is the first time I’ve had the split screen issue. And they keep replacing it with the G4, knowing full well that I will be experiencing another issue, of some sort, before too long. You are absolutely right… they should recall these phones, and offer either full replacement value in cash or credit, or send you a phone of equal value. I’m about ready to leave Verizon, and take my $335 in monthly fees with me.

  6. I also have this split screen issue. It is very annoying. It occurred a week after the 1 year warranty. So annoying, and the phone company will not do anything about it.

  7. My daughter’s phone just started having the split screen problem.
    LG says they’re not aware of any screen issue with the G4.

    I guess LG doesn’t have the Google…


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