How to Fix LG G4 Problem: Green Spot at Photos

Some people who use LG G4 report the problem with the image result of LG G4 phone’s camera. Some of them find that green spots are viewed in photos as the image result of LG G4 phone’s camera. Some others report that there is a pink tint in the center of photos when it taken in low light condition.

This problem is being discussed whether the hardware or software issue that actually causes this problem. However both of cases reported before cannot give any clear explanation about the cause of the problem.

How to Fix LG G4 Problem: Green Spot at Photos

You can try to overcome this problem by using an alternative camera app to take photos from your phone. You can get some others camera applications in play store by downloading and installing them into your phone.

After downloading and installing a new camera application, you can try to capture a picture and save it to your gallery. Then you can see whether still there any green spots or pink tint in your photo. This option is quite worthy and you can give it a try.

Other options you could do to overcome your photos result problem is by ensuring that there is no protective film on the lens and please make sure to remove your case if it covers or disturbs the lens.

You also can try these steps: please go to Settings, then tap General, you will find the Apps and then find the Camera app. After you find the Camera app, please Clear cache and Clear data there and see whether there is any different result while you take a photo by your default LG camera.

This option is usually works but not permanent, so it is quite worthy to try asking some help to any retailer or other place that could give a help for your problem.

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