How to Fix LG G4 Problem: Bluetooth Not Working or Won’t Connect

Some LG G4 users report that they found problem with their phone’s Bluetooth connection. They could not connect their phone’s Bluetooth with other device or their car’s Bluetooth connection.

This problem is quite annoying because it disturb the simple and easy way to transfer data from their phone to other device or vice versa. Some cases mention this problem is related to the missing of some song titles when the play those music.

How to Fix LG G4 Problem: Bluetooth Not Working or Won’t Connect

There are some options for you to overcome this problem. If your problem is related to some missing song titles, you can try to disable default LG Music app on your phone. You can find the LG Music app by going into Settings, then tap General, and check Apps on the All tab.

Other option is by checking whether there is something interfering with your Bluetooth or not. You can check it in Settings, then tap General, and please tap Smart Functions, and go to Smart Settings.

After you check it, please make sure that there is no anything that interfering with your Bluetooth connection there. This step could help to overcome your problem.

It is also possible that your Bluetooth connection problem is caused your Bluetooth profile limit. You can try to delete old profiles on your car or device to see whether it the problem and try to connect the Bluetooth again.

You also need to check your car or device manual to ensure that you already connect your Bluetooth connection to other device according to the pairing instructions properly.

Other option is by changing the settings on your Bluetooth settings or erasing the problematic device while connecting the Bluetooth.

You can do it by going in to Settings, then tap Networks, and choose Bluetooth, then tap settings for the problematic device and choose Forget. Please repeat those steps to the device you want to connect to and try to make the Bluetooth connection again.

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