How to Fix LG G4 Overheating Problem

Some people who use LG G4 report that there is an overheating issue on their phone. Some issues heard about overheating that caused by the Snapdragon 810 processor used in LG G Flex 2. However, LG already decided to use 808 in G4 and denied that this is chosen because that overheating problem.

Luckily, the overheating cases occurred in LG G4 is not the type of overheating that could cause serious damage to the device.

How to Fix LG G4 Overheating Problem

When your device starts to overheat, there will be a pop-up that letting you know the device is need to be cooled down for a while. This notification accompanied with slow performance, pauses in charging, or screen dimming.

You can try to overcome this problem by removing the phone case that you are using, and let it cooled down for a while before reusing it. Please avoid using your phone in hot environments or using it direct under the sunlight. And the important thing is please avoid using your phone while it recharged. Those all could help your device keep cool and far from overheated.

Other option to overcome this overheating problem is by trying these following steps. Please restart your LG G4 and see whether there is any difference with your phone.

It is also possible that an application is the culprit and causes your phone overheating. To check the applications, please go to Settings, then tap General, and please tap Storage then tap on Cached data to clear it.

To check whether there is application that causes this problem and guzzling more than it should, please go to Settings, then tap Battery & Power Saving, and please tap Battery Usage.

If those options are not successful, you can ensure that you already back up your important files then you can go for factory reset, go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset, tap Reset phone and follow through the process.

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