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One of problems found by LG G4 users is the issue about lag. They find that the phone is lag and it takes more time to use it. Sometimes, this problem is tightly related with the phone’s screen problem like when they tap the touch screen it loads very slowly whether in specific area or in all areas.

In other case, this problem comes often when the user try to wake the device or try to switch an application to another one. You can use some options to overcome this problem with these following explanations.

How to Fix LG G4 Lag Problem

One of options to overcome the lag of your LG G4 is by using other launcher. You can try to use Nova Launcher instead of the default launcher from LG G4. This option is quite successful for some LG G4 users because they report that their phones become less lag after using a launcher other than the default launcher.

Other option is by toggling off your phone’s Dual Window with these steps: please go to Settings, then tap General, and please toggle Dual window off. It also important to know that pressing on Back button for several seconds is a shortcut to Dual Window.

You can use old animation trick through the Developer options menu. Please unlock the Developer Options by tapping the Settings, then tap General, and please choose About phone, then tap Software info, and you’ll find Build Number and tap it repeatedly until “You are now a developer!” notification comes out.

Then please go back to Settings > General, then you’ll find Developer option there and you can switch Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale to 0.5x or turn them off completely.

You also can try app like Greenify to optimize your phone. If those options are not working, you can try to use reset factory option as your last choice. Please ensure that you already back up your data before this action and go to Settings, then tap Back up and Reset, and choose Factory data reset.

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