How to Fix iPhone 6S Problem: GPS Drops Frequently

Many of iPhone 6S users report that they found problem with their phone GPS. Some of them cannot connect at all. Most of them can get the connection but they cannot get the stable one, and the GPS is drops frequently.

Some others iPhone 6S users report that even their phone GPS fails to be established although it built at area where it is an open outdoor.

How to Fix iPhone 6S Problem: GPS Drops Frequently

Uniquely, this problem is found more often in Europe rather than in United states. This problem is quite serious because it disturb the usage of iPhone 6S while the GPS is urgently needed.

When you have the same problem with your iPhone 6S, you can try these following options to resolve it. Many people report that turning off LTE is the one of worthy solution to improve iPhone 6S GPS performance. You can try this option by take a look into Settings, then tap Cellular (or Mobile), and please tap Voice & Data, and please choose 3G.

This action may solve your problem if your problem is has something to do with some carriers that employing specific 4G LTE bands and causing your iPhone 6S GPS performance problem. If this action is not give any difference, you can try this following potential solution.

As the potential solution to overcome your phone GPS problem, you can try to use Factory Reset option that available in your iPhone 6S. You can do this factory reset by opening the Settings then select Backup and Reset, and tap Factory Reset. Please manually copy and move the content after you reset it.

Those are some potential solutions that you can choose to overcome your iPhone 6S problem. If those steps are still not working, please contact Apple, retailer or other place that can give any help to your iPhone 6S GPS performance problem.

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