How to Fix iPhone 6S Problem: Bluetooth is not Working

Some iPhone 6S users find problem with their Bluetooth connection. They could not connect their Bluetooth connection with other device like Bluetooth accessories or their car Bluetooth connection.

Some of users report that they actually could build a Bluetooth connection but some features are not working properly, other users mention that it frequently disconnects, and some others report that it won’t connect at all.

iPhone 6S Problem: Bluetooth is not Working

This problem is quite annoying because it disturb the simple and easy way to transfer data from their phone and disturb the usage of Bluetooth accessories or other device that need this Bluetooth connection.

If you have the same problem with this error Bluetooth connection, here there are some options for you to overcome the problem.

You can try to delete old profiles on your car or device because it is possible that your Bluetooth connection problem is caused by your car Bluetooth profile limit.

You also need to check your car or device manual to ensure that it is discoverable to surrounding Bluetooth connection.

You also can try to hold down the Home together with Sleep/Wake button for ten seconds. After you press both of them for several seconds, your iPhone 6S will reboot.

Please changing the network settings on your phone by taping the Settings, then tap General, and check Reset, then tap Reset Network settings, then see whether there is difference after you take these steps.

Those are potential solutions when your Bluetooth connection won’t connect at all. If your Bluetooth is connected and some features are not working, you can try to turning off the “Hey Siri” feature. You can turn of that feature by taping the Settings, then tap General, and check Siri, and make sure that it turned off, then please see whether there is any difference after you take this action.

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  1. My bluetooth feature in settings just continues to search. It will not turn to on to connect to my devices. It had been working and now its not. When it did work, it kept dropping connection. I tried your suggestions, resetting network settings and a hard reboot, incl turning airplane mode on and off and nothing is working. Is there anything else to try, or do I need to return this phone?


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