How to Fix iPhone 6S Problem: Bad Low Light Photos

Some iPhone 6S users find problem with their iPhone 6S camera. They report that they are not satisfied with the result taken from their phone camera because it has bad and poor quality of low light photo.

However, taking photos in low light conditions is quite difficult for any camera if it is not handled properly or not using the proper setting while taking the photo.

iPhone 6S Problem: Bad Low light Photos

That is why taking photos with phone camera also get the same challenge. It needs some adaptation to the light environment by changing the lighting or other available setting.

If you have the same problem with this, it may be caused by the Live Photos feature that turned on by default in your phone. This Live Photos feature make your phone camera automatically records a short video either side of your photo shot.

The actions handled by this feature quite gives impact to your picture quality although the video and the photo shot are just at a low frame rate. So, it is important for you to know the simple potential solution for it and try this following potential solution to overcome your problem of bad and poor quality of low light photo taken from the phone.

Although you will not see a night or day difference, you still can try to resolve your problem by turning off the Live Photos feature. Please try to turn off the Live Photos feature in your phone to see whether there is any difference if this feature is turned off.

You can turn the Live Photos feature off by tapping the three yellow concentric circles at the top of the screen while you opening the camera app. Then turn the Live Photos feature off and see whether there is any difference after take this action by trying to shot a photo in low-light condition.

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