How to Fix iPhone 6S Overheating Problem

Several people who use iPhone 6S report that they find problem with their phone temperature. They reported that their phone is often overheating while it used. This is quite a general problem found at smart phone usage.

It is quite normal when the phone become overheats when it used for a long time, but if it just get overheats suddenly or at random, you may have problem within your phone.

How to Fix iPhone 6S Overheating Problem

Some users report that the trouble in their phone camera is the cause of their overheating phone. If you have the same problem, you can choose one of these following potential solutions.

One of potential solutions to overcome your overheating phone problem is by simply cooling down your phone. Please ensure that you place your device in a place where it protected from sun light or place it in a cool environment.

If you use a phone case, it is quite useful to remove it for awhile until your device cooled down. It is better not using a phone case to avoid your phone overheating, because the air circulation is better when you are not using a phone case.

Other option to overcome your problem is by removing or uninstalling applications that may cause your device overheating. Please check whether there are any problematic apps that draining your phone power by taping the Settings, then choose General, and tap Usage, and then tap Battery Usage. You can remove the suspicious apps if you find any of them draining your phone power.

If those steps are not working, please try to reset your setting by tapping the Settings, then tap General, and choose Reset, then tap Reset All Settings. If resetting your phone is still not working, you can try to use the factory reset option as the last choice to overcome this problem.

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