How to Fix iOS 9 Problems: Bluetooth won’t connect or drops

This problem is also quite often to happen in some iOS 9 users. When the iOS 9 users use its bluetooth device, the bluetooth seems to be unstable because it keeps disconnection. Worse than that, the bluetooth does not even want to connect.

This problem commonly occurs when we see there is a platform update. So, in order to help you out how to fix iOS 9 problems: bluetooth won’t connect or drops, this article was made. In fact there are some solutions which you can do to fix this problem.

How to Fix iOS 9 Problems: Bluetooth won’t connect or drops

Here is some of it which you might want to give it a try. Take a look.

1. More often than not, some iOS 9 are not even following the pairing process completely. Sometimes there are some buttons which should be pressed to make the accessories discoverable.

2. The second solution is by rebooting the device. You can hold the Sleep/Wake and Home button for several seconds to do that.

3. You can select Settings and then select Bluetooth. After that, you can try finding your device and select Forget This Device. After that, you can toggle the bluetooth and turn it on again. Once you have done that, try to set up the connection again.

4. In some cases, the bluetooth device has reached its maximum limit. If this happens, try to delete some old profiles.

5. You can also check the bluetooth device firmware if it is up to date.

6. The next thing you can do is reset all of the network setting in your device. You can select Settings, then General, then Reset, and then Reset Network Settings. However, if do this way, you need to put the password in again.

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