How to Fix iOS 9 Problem: Poor Battery Life

Some iOS 9 users find that after upgrading their iOS 9, the battery performance becomes great and optimal. However, there some others that find their device battery life have poor performance.

This issue is quite irritating for users because they have to recharge their phone battery more often. For this condition, you can try to improve your battery life performance with these following potential solutions.

How to Fix iOS 9 Problem: Poor Battery Life

Try to reboot your device by holding down together the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for approximately 10 seconds. You can check whether there is any application that makes your phone battery life becomes poor or makes other problems.

To check those applications in your device, you can tap Settings, then go to Usage, and see Battery Usage. If you find one application that causing troubles, please consider to uninstalling it and choose other application to replace it.

It also better to make sure that all of your applications are up to date so that those do not causing any troubles to your device. Beside of the applications, there is also possibility that the low battery performance is caused by your iOS 9 settings.

You can try to reset your iOS 9 setting by clicking Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. After this action, you must be aware that you have to re-enter some settings to your device.

Other simple way to overcome your device poor battery performance is by turning Low Power Mode on at your iOS 9.

This power saving facility is already available on your iOS 9, you can try these steps: head into Settings, then tap Battery, and choose Low Power Mode. You can optimize the battery usage by turning on Low Power Mode although this mode will limit some of your iOS 9 background tasks and performance.

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