How to Fix iOS 9 Problem: iMessage not Working Properly

Some of iOS 9 users report that they find problem on their iOS 9 after updating to iOS 9.02. They find that their iMessage is not working properly like it normally send or receive any messages.

Their devices cannot send messages and sometimes cannot receive any of them. This problem usually happen to people with iOS 9.02 who are trying to send messages to people or receive messages from people with older versions.

How to Fix iOS 9 Problem: iMessage not Working Properly

It is not just cannot send or receive any messages, as some others report that their messages was already sent to the destination but it not says that it already delivered.

You can try to overcome this problem by several steps as these following options. Please turn off Wi-Fi Assist by go to Settings, then tap General, and choose Cellular, then see Wi-Fi Assist and please turn it off.

Many people reported that this option is quite helpful. They can send messages and receive any of them normally like before after following those steps. Turning off the Wi-Fi Assist can be the most successful way to fix this kind of issues.

Some people also reported that they have the same problem and they do nothing to their device. They did not take any special action to overcome their iMessage problem that not working properly.

That is the case and then they found that their phone is back to normal although they do nothing to their device. Some of them believe that this problem is already fixed by Apple without they knowing it because the fixing process is not require any updates.

Other option to fix this problem is by using the factory reset feature. This is the last choice as this action requires the backups of all important data on your iPhone. Those are some potential solutions that you can choose to overcome your iMessage problem.

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