How to Fix iOS 9 Problem: FaceTime Calls Dropped

Some of iOS 9 users report that they find problem on their iOS 9 when they do the FaceTime calls. They find that the FaceTime Calls dropped often, the calls end at random and the video quality of the call continues to decrease drastically.

Those report completed by the additional info of their finding that they also have problem with the voice during that FaceTime Calls. On other case, they report that they cannot see other caller face although their face are seen at other caller screen device. These problems are disturbing the comfortable use of iOS 9 and need to be fixed soon.

How to Fix iOS 9 Problem: FaceTime Calls Dropped

If you have the same problems as those, you can try to use other video call apps like Skype or others to do the video calls. This effort can give you worthy information whether this problem is caused by your network problem or other causes.

If this works properly, you can say that the problem is related to your FaceTime application in your device or your iOS 9. If it is the same with your case, you need to fix the problem directly in your FaceTime app.

You can try to restore your devices or use factory reset as a standard of troubleshooting step that could help your problem although many of users did these steps but not get successful result.

But if you already try to make a video call with other applications and you can’t make it, the problem may be related to your Wi-Fi or cellular connection. To fix this problem, you can ensure that you have a connection that connected to your device so you can make a video call properly.

If those steps and reset factory as the last choice to overcome your problem are not working, please ask some helps from Apple or your carrier.

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