How to Fix iOS 9 Problem: Alarm is not Going Off

Some of iOS 9 users report that they find problem on their iOS 9 after updating to iOS 9.1. They find that their alarm is not working properly like it normally because it won’t go off.

This problem usually happens because the update overnight feature. This means that the problem should only occur once, while you use the feature. If it not the case and the problem still exists, you can find other cause of this problem to fix it properly.

How to Fix iOS 9 Problem: Alarm is not Going Off

You can choose the following steps to overcome your problem by seeing the cause of your problem and take the most suitable option for you. That is why, it is important to find the cause of your device problem before you take the option to fix it.

If your problem is caused by update overnight feature, you can take a note on these following steps while installing your device update. You may see Install Tonight option while updating a new software. It is better to not choose that option if you won’t your alarm not going to off in the morning.

You better choose other options like Install Now or Install Later and Remind Me Later. Those options are saver than Install Tonight option and not going to cause your alarm failed to go off in the morning.

You can try to overcome this problem with other steps if those steps are not working and your alarm keeps failing to go off. You can use a third-party alarm app or you better to check if you are using any app that causing this problem.

You can check it by looking into your applications on your device thoroughly because there is possibility where an application interfere your iOS 9 device’s clock, volume, or alarm function and make your alarm won’t off. You could fix it directly if you find the app that cause the problem and uninstall it from your device.

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