How to Fix HTC One M9 Problems with Factory Reset

Many of HTC One M9 users often try to fix their problematic device by taking the factory reset option. This option has many benefits like the problems of the device is resolved, and the device could get started freshly like the new one.

However, this kind of option to overcome the device problems has a lack. It is quite risky where there will be a big consequence over the option. It will erase all data and files at your phone after you do the factory reset to the device.

How to Fix HTC One M9 Problems with Factory Reset

Before you do the factory reset to your device, please do not forget to back up all of your important data because it will erase all of the files in your phone. You can do this back up by opening the Settings then select Backup and Reset.

You also can use 15GB of space in the cloud with Google Drive to back up your files from the device and back up your files or using other back up apps or services. The following explanation is the way to do the factory reset to your HTC One M9.

Please open the Settings > User and Backup, then select Backup and Reset, then choose Factory data reset. After ensuring that all your important files is already saved by back up files, please select Reset Device then Delete all. The device will be on progress to reset and it will reboot.

On another case, HTC One M9 could get the unresponsive touch screen problem. This issue makes it difficult to do the factory reset as usual like it already explained before. You need to do the factory reset with hardware keys.

You can do the factory reset with hardware keys by turning off the HTC One M9, then press and hold together the Volume up button, the Home button, and the Power button until for several seconds.

You will see an Android icon appear at the screen, please use Volume down to select wipe data/factory reset option, and to select it please press the Power button.

Please highlight Yes – delete all user data using the volume down, and use the Power button to select it. When the process is complete, you can select Reboot System now to reboot your device. Your phone will be restarted as it a new device.

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