How to Fix HTC One M9 Problem: Turning Off Randomly

Some people who use HTC One M9 report that they got problem with their device. They find that their HTC One M9 is turning off by itself randomly for no reason. This is quite serious problem because when a smart phone turning off by itself or restart randomly, it cannot give the function like how is it normally.

If you have the same problem with this, please take one or some options from these following potential solutions for HTC One M9 that turning off by itself randomly.

How to Fix HTC One M9 Problem: Turning Off Randomly

One of potential solution to overcome your problem is by taking the option of factory reset to your device.

You can reset your device by opening the Settings > User and Backup, then select Backup and Reset, then choose Factory data reset. After ensuring that all your important files is already saved by back up files, please select Reset Device then Delete all.

The device will be on progress to reset and it will reboot automatically. Usually, this option is working and it can overcome this problem immediately.

Other option to overcome this problem is by taking the option to wipe cache partition of your HTC One M9. You can wipe cache partition of your device by these following steps.

Please turn off your HTC One M9 and please hold the Power off, Volume up, and Home button together for several second. You will see an Android icon appear at the screen, please use Volume down to highlight wipe data/factory reset option, and press the Power button to select it.

Please highlight Yes – delete all user data using the Volume down, and then use the Power button to select it. When the process is complete, you can select Reboot System now to reboot your device.

If those are not working, please check whether your HTC One M9 is still under warranty, and you can ask replacement of your problematic device.

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