How to Fix HTC One M9 Problem: Slow Wi-Fi Connection

Some of HTC One M9 users report that their device is having trouble with a slow Wi-Fi connection. Most of them complaint that when they load an image or picture, it won’t comes out or it just appear as a square with grey color.

Moreover, when the connection got worse, the page is gone and appears notification message that explains you cannot access your web page for a while due to the slow connection.

How to Fix HTC One M9 Problem: Slow Wi-Fi Connection

Some of HTC One M9 users report that this problem is caused by the weak signal of Wi-Fi that they are using at that time. But other users report that although they have strong signal of Wi-Fi, they still get a slow connection while surfing.

The following explanations are some options you can choose to overcome this kind of connection problem.

One of temporary solution for Wi-Fi connection problem in your phone is by turning off your HTC One M9 and also the router. After turning them off, you can turn them on and try to connect the phone to Wi-Fi connection again.

Then you can try to go Settings, then tap Wi-Fi, and please press for several seconds on your network destination then tap Forget. After that, you can set your new connection.

Other option is using application like Wi-Fi Analyzer to help us knowing whether we need to switch our channel to the less crowded one or not. Switching the busy channel that you are using can give a big help.

If those options are still not working for your problem, you can try to wipe cache partition of your HTC One M9. Please turning off the HTC One M9, then press and hold together the Volume up button, the Home button, and the Power button until for several seconds.

You will see an Android icon appear at the screen, please use Volume down to highlight wipe data/factory reset option, and press the Power button to select it.

Please highlight Yes – delete all user data using the Volume down, and then use the Power button to select it. When the process is complete, you can select Reboot System now to reboot your device.

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