How to Fix HTC One M9 Problem: Screen Won’t Rotate

Some people who use HTC One M9 report that their phone screen and gyro are often problematic. They find that their HTC One M9 screen won’t rotate and the gyroscope sensor often stopped working by itself.

These problems are quite irritating because when it used, the screen won’t rotate according to users need.

How to Fix HTC One M9 Problem: Screen Won’t Rotate

You have to do some action to overcome those problems by taking the following explanations about options to overcome HTC One M9 screen won’t rotate and the gyro stopped working problems.

One of potential solutions to overcome your screen won’t rotate problem is by hitting the HTC One M9 with the back of your hand so that your device get a gentle jolt to resolve the problem. However, this is quite risky and you have to do it carefully. That is why, this option is not recommended.

You can choose another option that recommended for your screen won’t rotate problem. Please take the hard reset to overcome your problem, but please note that this action will cause the loosing of your files and data in your device.

Before you do the hard reset to your device, please do not forget to backup all of your important data because it will erase all of the files in your phone.

You can do backup by opening the Settings then select Backup and Reset, and use 15GB of space in the cloud with Google Drive to backup your files from the device. After you backup your files, you can perform hard reset.

To overcome your gyro problem, you can try this following option explained. Please check if the phone’s gyroscope or accelerometer is functioning or not. You can check it by testing it at your HTC One M9. Please press *#0*# on the keypad and you will see the service mode screen. Then please tap on “sensor” and test it immediately.

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