How to Fix HTC One M9 Problem: Resetting Lock Screen Password

Resetting HTC One M9 Lock Screen Password – Some people who use HTC One M9 report that they got problem to access their phone when they forget their lock screen password.

This is quite normal because many others also forget their passwords and they have to find another way to try to access their phone without those forgotten passwords.

How to Fix HTC One M9 Problem: Resetting Lock Screen Password

It is common that this problem could be resolved immediately by taking a factory reset to their HTC One M9. However, this option is quite a risky solution because it could erase all the data, files, and other important things and settings within the device. This option is almost always successful to overcome the problem to access the phone when you forget your lock screen password.

One of other potential solutions to overcome this problem is by unlocking your HTC One M9 using the Android Device Manager.

You can unlock it by visiting the Android Device Manager on a computer, then accepting the tracking agreement. After that agreement, please locate your HTC One M9 on the screen and please enable “Lock and Erase”.

After this step, please follow carefully the next steps to lock your phone and set a temporary password. Then please enter the temporary password on your HTC One M9 to access your phone, then you can set a new pin or password.

Other potential solution is by unlocking your HTC One M9 with a phone call. Please take other phone, and call your HTC One M9 number. You can answer the calling after your HTC One M9 is ringing, then you can access your phone and try to reset the password while you answer the phone.

Please start from homescreen then please go to Settings. You can choose the “Security” option to reset your screen lock password there by following the steps appear at that security settings.

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