How to Fix HTC One M9 Problem: Device is not Charging

How to fix HTC One M9 that not charging – Some HTC One M9 users report that their HTC One M9 is not charging while the charger is plugged in.

This problem is quite serious because this HTC One M9 will not working at all when the battery is out and it is not charged although the charger is plugged in like how it done normally.

How to Fix HTC One M9 Problem: Device is not Charging

Some users try to change their charger and this work for their device, because the problem is actually laid on the charger. Some of other HTC One M9 users cannot fix the problem by changing the charger.

There are some options that potentially overcome your problem as the following explanation.

One of potential solution is already mentioned before, by changing the charger. However, you can do it after you try to use another USB cable, so that you do not need to buy another charger if it actually works to overcome your problem.

The other option to overcome your HTC One M9 charging problem is by cleaning the USB port. A dirt, debris, or lint at your USB port can block your USB connection to your smartphone.

You can try to clean it with paper clip or small needle to move the dirt out of it. However, you have to clean it carefully so that you are not incidentally damage the USB port instead of cleaning it from the dirt.

Other option is to overcome your problem is by resetting your HTC One M9. This may be the contemporary resolve to your problem. However, it is quite worthy for you to try, before you can find another option to fix your problem permanently.

You can find the way on how to reset your HTC One M9 on this link. After you get your phone back to normal for awhile, you can try to ask some help to Authorized Technician. You can ask a fix on your device or get a replacement of it.

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