How to Fix HTC One M9 Problem: Crashing and Freezing

Some people who use HTC One M9 report that their phone often freezing and crashing. This problem is quite rare because HTC One M9 usually called as one of the best smartphone at 2015.

The problem reported is usually the freezing and crashing when the smart phone used to open any apps. This problem sure will disturb the user while the phone won’t work normally when it is urgently needed.

How to Fix HTC One M9 Problem: Crashing and Freezing

You can overcome the problem by ensuring that you already update your HTC One M9 to the latest software update. This can be the right solution for your problem.

If your phone still crashing and freezing after the software update, please choose these following potential solution to overcome your problem.

Please check your apps one by one, and try to find the problematic apps if there any of them installed in your HTC One M9.

Please check it also by reading the reviews of the apps in Google Play Store to find some clues. If you find reviews that give the same story to your problem, you can try to uninstall that app from your phone to see if there any difference after that.

Other option to overcome your problem is by clearing the data and cache of the problematic app. You can clear the data and cache by open Settings > Apps, then tap Manage Applications, and please select the app that keeps crashing. After you find the problematic app, please tap Clear Data and Clear Cache on it.

It is also possible that your HTC One M9 is keeps crashing and freezing because it lack of memory. You can try to uninstall rarely used app or unused app from your phone to release some memory.

You can also use some apps to clean your memory from unused data and files from your phone to get more memory space in your HTC One M9. If those steps are not working, please try to do the factory reset.

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