How to Fix HTC 10 that Won’t Charge

Solve the problem with HTC 10 that won’t charge with the easy to follow troubleshooting guide and find out the possibilities for discover the real cause for this issue and deal with it right away.

With its 3.000 mAh battery, HTC 10 is good to last for a whole day before another charging. It is a thing that many people enjoy so it is very understandable if user get really annoyed when the phone won’t charge. Yet this problem do happen and before the phone brought to the technician, there are couple of things worth to try.

How to Fix HTC 10 that Won't Charge

Reboot the Phone

A simple reboot should solve this issue where the phone will start to charge normally. If this simple action able to solve the issue, it means the cause of it is only a glitch or system crash. System crash affects the phone capability in many ways including charging.

So, try to reboot the phone first by press Volume Up and Power button in the same time and hold it for 10 seconds. Since the real cause is system crash, user can now resume the charging process without anymore problem.

Check the Charger

Check the charger to make sure it works properly. Try to charge the phone using other charger. If it works, then the main charger is the troubled one.

In another hand, try to charge other device with the same charger. If it works, then the phone is the troubled one. This is an easy way to check the source of the problem so user can take appropriates action.

Check the USB Cable

In this step, user needs to check the USB cable they use to charge. If it’s broken or damaged in one way or another, then replacing it will solve the problem. User also needs to make sure that they already use the proper cable.

The original cable support Qualcomm Quick Charge that produces 9 to 12 volts of charge. This is different from the standard 5 volts so make sure to use the original one or find a cable that support this Quick Charge feature.

Check USB Port

USB port is part of the things that user must check. Small debris or corrosion will prevent the charging process, so make sure that the port is free from anything that may disturb the flow.

It is also possible that the connection is a little bit loose. To deal with this, they can experiment on placing the phone at certain angle during charging process to keep the connection stable, or perhaps change the cable with a new one who have better grip.

Master Reset

If nothing works out, the performing master reset is in order. Master reset will bring the phone back to its original setting. It will clear out any corrupted files and setting that cause this charging issue in the first place. User must remember to take precaution by create back up for the entire data in their phone or it will loss during the process.

Sometimes the problem goes deeper than what people think about. When user have try the whole thing and nothing work, then it is time to bring it to professional technician for further check up and repair, and in some case, replaced the device with the new one.

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