How to Fix HTC 10 Problem: Wi-Fi Won’t Connect

Wi-Fi Connection Problem on HTC 10 – Issues with Wi-Fi connection do happen to many smartphone and if that is the problem you are dealing right now with your HTC 10, then there are a couple of things that you can try to work things out.

Try these solutions if you find that the Wi-Fi connection on your device is unable to connect to a network or when the connection keeps dropping.

How to Fix HTC 10 Problem: Wi-Fi Won’t Connect

A simple action by turn OFF and turn ON your phone may help to solve this issue. Do the same thing with the router, to refresh the system and help it to connect smoothly.

Updating the system on your device may help with this issue as well. Start with updating the software of your HTC 10. You also need to check if there is a firmware update for your router, and if there is new update, get it right away.

Sometimes you just need to refresh the Wi-Fi connection on the phone. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and find the network you have problem with. Forget or erase the connection, turn OFF Wi-Fi and turn it back ON or you can simply restart your device, and then try to set up the connection once again.

There are aspects on the router that you need to check. If you are using MAC filtering, then turn it OFF first. You also can check to your router manufacturer on how to change channels, just in case the channel you use currently is the crowded one.

Last thing that you can do if nothing helps, is performing factory reset. Back up the entire data first before you perform this action. Go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset, to start factory reset process. Any issue regarding Wi-Fi connection on your HTC 10 will be solved and you can use it again smoothly.

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