How to Fix HTC 10 Problem: Unresponsive and Stuttering

Unresponsive and Stuttering Issue on HTC 10 – Problem to a smartphone could happen to any kind, model and brands including HTC 10. This is very usual to have a problematic device simply because a smartphone is a very complex device and problem bound to happen.

Stuttering performance and unresponsive screen is one of the problems that you may find in your HTC 10. If you are having this issue right now, try some of these things and hopefully it will solve the problem.

How to Fix HTC 10 Problem: Unresponsive and Stuttering

Start with the easiest and simplest thing, which is restarting your phone. Restarting a phone usually can help to clear out some issue and it is worth to try.

If the screen is not responsive, just press and hold Power button and Volume Down button until it restart on its own.

For unknown reason, removing the Micro SD card could help to solve this issue. Perhaps the presence of Micro SD card somehow interferes with the phone performance and removing it will solve the issue. Try to remove the card and then test your phone to see whether it still have the same problem or not.

Perhaps this problem happen because a third party app in your phone messed with the system. To find out whether it’s true or not, boot your phone to Safe Mode by press and hold Power button, then tap and hold the Power Off option that will give you the option to Reboot to Safe Mode.

If the phone work just fine in Safe Mode, then third party app is the one to blame. Try to uninstall the app one at a time, or you can perform factory reset to save the time and then make sure to be careful before installing new app. Try some of these solutions and hopefully one of them will work with the issue on your HTC 10.

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