How to Fix HTC 10 Problem: Screen Tint / Discoloration

Display discoloration is an issue that was reported by many HTC 10 users. Take care of the display discoloration issue with these possible solutions and you can have perfect display in no time.

HTC 10 does have gorgeous design and solid specification. It makes this phone as a favorite phone for many people. But still, nothing is perfect and there is some issue that has been reported by many HTC 10 users. Display discoloration is one of those issues.

How to Fix HTC 10 Problem: Screen Tint

Display discoloration refers to a slight colored tint (pink, red, or in some case, yellowish tint) on the displays, which is noticeable from certain angle. The size of this discolored area is not really big but it was there all right and it could be pretty annoying for some people.

It may bother to look at and if you got the very same problem, then there are couples of things to try. First, you can use an app such as Screen Equalizer to help you balanced the color on the screen, thus get rid of this issue.

It is possible that this colored tint is caused by the glue that hasn’t completely dried and when it’s already dried, it will fade away eventually. If that is the case, you can speed up the process by place the phone under the sun for a while and in the same time, increase its brightness level.

You can try to tweak the color display setting in your phone. Go to Settings > Display, Gesture and Button > Color profile. Tweaking the setting by sliding the slider on your profile will make it colder and may help you in solving this issue.

If none of the above solutions is working and you find that the display discoloration is still there, not fading or perhaps looks even bigger, then it is time to contact HTC and ask for possible replacement. The problem may lay within the phone and there is nothing that you can do about it, so phone replacement should be in order.

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