How to Fix HTC 10 Problem: High Pitch Noise

High pitch noise or ringing sound is an issue that has been reported by some HTC 10 user. This is an annoyance that bother some people, yet there are things to try to work on this issue.

Some issue that happens on HTC 10 is only happen to a number of people while the rest of the user is not bothered with the same problem. The high pitch whine or ringing sound is one of those issues, where it happens to some HTC user only and not everyone.

How to Fix HTC 10 Problem: High Pitch Noise

Some people reported that they can hear high pitch noise or ringing sound that come out from their HTC 10 from time to time. The sound is clearer when they pick up the phone and hold it or close, of when they are in quiet room.

Dealing with High Pitch Noise on HTC 10

This issue didn’t affect the phone performance, where the phone work all right, but still it becomes an annoyance. After all, who want to keep hearing the high pitch whine from the device that they use all the time.

Some people are able to solve or at least manage this issue by setting the screen brightness on their phone. The high pitch whine sound worse when the screen background is dark, then playing with the screen brightness settings is the most likely solution.

Cranking up the screen brightness setting to more than 50% will make the noise fade away. You also may want to turn off your phone during the night so you don’t have to keep hearing the ringing sound from your phone.

In the other hand, some people reported that the recent OTA updates solve this issue right away. The thing with OTA update is that it doesn’t released universally.

But rather than waiting for the notification, you can check it manually from Settings > About > Software Updates. If you find that there is a new update, then go on and have it on your phone. It should solve this problem, so there will be no more high pitch whine that annoys you all the time.

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