How to Fix HTC 10 Problem: Camera Won’t Work

Poor Camera Performance on HTC 10 – Capturing special moment by taking picture with HTC 10 camera is one thing that people do a lot. Although the result is not something that breathtaking, but it is good enough for most users and it is one thing that people love from HTC 10.

But, things could happen and some people find that the camera didn’t work out the way it should be. In some cases, the result is lack of fine detail while in other cases, the user is unable to access Pro Mode or they have problem with purple noise.

How to Fix HTC 10 Problem: Camera Won’t Work

What to do in this situation? There are several things that may work with this issue and it start with using the latest firmware. Just like an ordinary application, camera app can be updated from time to time to improve its performance.

HTC has released a patch complete with improvements on many aspects of the system including camera. Make sure that the updates has been installed in HTC 10 by checking it on Settings > About > Software Updates.

Perhaps the problem laid on app data and cache data. Try to clear app data and cache data by go to Settings > App > Camera > Storage > Clear Data and also tap on Clear Cache as well.

Some people use third party app that use the camera. Perhaps this app is the one the cause the problem so better to uninstall it and see whether it solve the problem or not.

That is all the thing that is worth to try to solve the issue with camera result and performance on HTC 10. Make sure to try it one at a time to see which one that works. Also make sure that there is nothing that stand in the way of the camera or the lens, and get ready to capture more beautiful moment with it.

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