How to Fix HTC 10 Overheating Problem

Overheating Issue on HTC 10 – A phone will get hot in several occasions such as when you charge it or when you use it constantly with no rest. It is a normal thing that you can expect from an electronic device.

Overheating HTC 10 that happen when the device is doing nothing is a real problem that needs to be addressed right away and here is the things to try in order to solve this issue.

How to Fix HTC 10 Overheating Problem

There are a couple of options to try, start with restarting the phone. Sometimes, restarting a phone will solve minor issue and it is definitely worth to try because you basically don’t have anything to lose.

You also may want to remove the Micro SD card from your HTC 10. Micro SD Card is not the real part of the phone, so it is possible that the system has a conflict with it and caused some problems including this overheating issue.

Try to remove the card to see if your phone still overheating. If the problem is still there, then you can safely put the Micro SD card back while you try other solutions.

Try to boot the phone into Safe Mode by press and hold Power button, then tap and hold the Power Off options that will bring you to the options of Reboot to Safe Mode. In this special mode, third party app is disabling for temporary.

If you find that the phone work just fine with no overheating problems, then you can be sure that one of those third party apps is the real cause of this issue. Now it is your job to find which app that causes the havoc by uninstall it one at a time and evaluate the result.

If you already try everything and nothing work, then it possible that the problem lay on the phone itself. Better make a call to HTC or the retailer for a possible replacement.

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