How to Fix Home and Multitasking Buttons Not Working on Galaxy S7

Working on unresponsive Home and Multitasking buttons problem on Samsung Galaxy S7. Some user reported that they have problem with the Home and Multitasking buttons on their Samsung Galaxy S7.

This problem may happen randomly where at one time it works nicely and the other time it simply won’t respond at all. There are some solutions to try for this specific problem.

Home and Multitasking Buttons Not Working on Galaxy S7

Clear out any bumps and small issue by reboot the device. Simply press and hold Power button and Volume Down button for several seconds to force the device to reboot, where it will help to solve this problem.

An app could be the reason for this problem in the first place. Anyone who notice that this problem happen after they installed new app or updating an app may want to disable uninstall that app and see whether they have solve the problem or not.

If there are too many apps in the device and disable it one at a time will take too long, then people can go to Safe Mode to disable the entire third party app easily.

To enter Safe Mode, turn off the device first. After that, press and hold Power button until “Samsung Galaxy S7” writing is show up on the screen before people can let go this button. Right after that, press and hold Volume Down button until “Safe Mode” writing appear at the bottom left of the screen.

When in Safe Mode, people can use their phone like they used to and if there is no problem with the Home and Multitasking button, then it is obvious that a third party app is the one causing it.

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Last solution that should help to solve this problem is by doing Factory Reset. Go to Settings > Personal > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset device > Delete all. Remember that this is the last solution to try and make sure to back up the entire data first.

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