How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 that Won’t Charge

Work on the problem with your Samsung Galaxy S7 that won’t charging by performing certain actions that you can do in your own home, starting by identifying the possible cause and the way to handle it.

What if one day you find that your Samsung Galaxy S7 won’t charge at all. It works fine the other day and now it misbehaved. What are you going to do with a dead phone? Before you take it to a technician, why don’t you try to fix it first? There are things that you can do about it and in most cases; it will work great, which means you will save time, energy and money.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 that Won't Charge

Reboot the Phone

Before you try to do anything, try to reboot the phone first. Reboot the phone will get rid of minor glitch or system crash that may result to this problem. The glitches may happen on the firmware or the hardware, there is no way to tell, but no matter what, a simple reboot will do the trick.

Charge the Phone on Various Angles

This is also something that worth to try. When you charge the phone, hold it up on various angles to see whether certain angles will charges the phone. If it does, then you got loose connection in there, probably on the USB port or perhaps with the cable. The only way to deal with it is either to replace the charging cable or get someone to look on the USB port and fix it.

Power Adapter and Port Inspection

The electricity current run through power adaptor and its port, which is why you need to inspect those parts. If the power adaptor is damaged, then the current will not flow and the only thing you can do is replace the power adaptor with new one. As for its ports, if there is debris or dirt in there, it will stop the current as well. Clean it up carefully with Q-tips to solve this problem.

USB Cable Inspection

Do not forget to inspect the USB cable you use in there. If its defect, then it won’t be able to work as it should be. If you can’t see any physical defect with it, then you can try to use other USB cable. If its work, then you know that the problem caused by the cable and you need to replace it with new one.

Wireless Charger

If it’s possible, try to charge the phone wirelessly. It will give you an idea whether the phone can be charged or not. If it works, then you can breathe easily because it means that the phone and the battery are fine and no problem in that area. All you need to do is get yourself new wired charger to replace the one you currently use.

Factory Reset

Now you have tried everything but nothing work. In this case, you can suspect that the problem is something with the firmware. Perhaps the latest firmware didn’t agree with the phone and cause havoc. This is where you need to perform factory reset to bring the phone to its original factory settings.

Don’t forget to back up your data first or you will lose everything during the factory reset process. If factory reset fails to do the trick, then it is time to let someone skilled in this area to do their job and fix this phone for you.

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