How to Fix Unresponsive or Frozen Samsung Galaxy S7

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S7 that has unresponsive touchscreen and keeps freezing or restarting. One of the easiest way to solve the problem that happen to a smartphone is to reboot the phone by pull out and release the battery, and put it right back.

But now, things are a little bit differently because Samsung has designed the battery to be part of the body, so there is now way to release the battery like people used to do.

How To Fix Galaxy S7 that Unresponsive or Frozen

So, what do people need to do if they encounter some problem such as freezing app, glitches on the app or bugs problem with their Samsung Galaxy S7 since they can’t release the battery anymore to reboot it?

Does pressing Power button for 5 to 10 seconds is effective to turn off and restart the phone, just like it work successfully for other android device?

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If you are facing the same problem, then you don’t have to worry because there are ways to solve this problem. The solution is pretty easy and very simple, where you can do it right away and get your device run back smoothly again in no time.

Just follow these steps on how to fix unresponsive software problem on Samsung Galaxy S7:

  • You need to press and hold Volume Down button and Power button in the same time
  • Remember that you are dealing with Samsung that always find a way to do something different from other phone. In other smartphone, pressing and holding those two buttons is a way to take a screenshot, but in Samsung, this action is a shortcut to reboot the phone.

  • Keep pressing the buttons for more than 7 seconds until the system recognized the instruction
  • After more than 7 seconds, the device will turn off automatically. This is where you can let go the buttons and all you need to do now is to wait until the device turn back on.

Now, you had successfully restarted or reboot your device although you are no longer able to pull out the battery. The whole thing will take no more than 10 seconds and when it’s done; you can check the phone and find that the problem has been solved. There is no more unresponsive software or glitches that bothering you while you use the phone.


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