How to Fix Galaxy S7 Problem: Slow to Wake

Deal with Slow to Wake Respons on Samsung Galaxy S7 – When people want to wake up their Samsung Galaxy S7, all they need to do is press the Power button once and the device should be ready to go.

But some user reported that there is a delay between pressing the button and when the screen comes to life. It is pretty annoying especially with people expectation that this kind of device should work as fast as lightning on every single aspect of it.

How to Fix Galaxy S7 Problem: Slow to Wake

If you find that you also have the same issue, then you can try one of some available solutions. Restarting the phone is first thing to try and in most cases it will make the problem disappear although it may return in the future.

For a better solution, try to remove the MicroSD card from the phone. For no obvious reason, this simple solution manages to solve the slow to wake up problem in Galaxy S7. Replace the MicroSD card with the genuine card to make sure there will be no similar problem happen in the future.

If you don’t have any MicroSD card to spare, then you can reuse the one you have but first back up the whole data on it to the computer, wipe it out completely before insert it back to the phone.

It should manage to clear the issue, since the device don’t have to be bother with tremendous amount of data in the device, that may caused the issue in the first place.

As usual, the last resort to try is by doing factory reset. Simply go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset. Before you do factory reset, make sure to back up your personal data or you will end up losing it. Hopefully one among those mentioned above will work on dealing with slow to wake phone issue.

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