How to Fix Galaxy S7 Problem: Power Buttons Not Working

Deal with Power and Volume Down buttons that stop working on Samsung Galaxy S7 – There is less and less physical button to find in a modern smartphone this day, and in Samsung Galaxy S7, you can only find Power button, Volume Up and also Volume Down button.

These buttons have important part on the way we operate our phone, so you can imagine how frustrated people will be if one or two or even the entire buttons is not working.

How to Fix Galaxy S7 Problem: Power Buttons Not Working

This is what happens to some people with their Galaxy S7. Pressing Power button and Volume Down button doesn’t bring any result and this could happen to anyone in the near future.

So, if you find that you also got the same problem, then what you are going to do? Now, you may want to restart the phone first. How can you do this if the Power button is no longer working?

Try to press and hold Power button and Volume Down button together for several seconds. In most cases, it will succeed in restarting the phone, but beware because the same problem may or may not happen in the future.

If you managed to do that and the phone can restart, then it means that the problem laid on the software and not on the hardware part. Updating the software on your phone from Settings > About device > Software update may help to solve the problem.

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Some third party app may cause this issue, so you can try to uninstall the third party app one at a time and see how it works. If that is too much trouble, go straight to factory reset but do not restore any backup.

Install the third party app selectively after you factory reset and do it one at a time to see whether a specific app cause the problem or not, and hopefully the physical Power button and Volume down button will work effectively after that.

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