How to Fix Galaxy S7 Problem: Camera Won’t Work

Deal with Camera Failed Issue on Samsung Galaxy S7 – Some user of Samsung Galaxy S7 reported that there are times when the camera on their device won’t work and crashes.

This is not good because camera is one among the most valuable feature of this gadget. But, no need to worry because this issue is pretty easy to fix and anyone can have their camera back.

How to Fix Galaxy S7 Problem: Camera Won’t Work

A simple restart or reboot the device may help to solve this issue as well as any other issue regarding a smartphone, so this is really worth to try.

Clearing up app cache and app data may also work. Go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager > Camera app > Force Stop and then move to Storage > Clear cache and Clear data. This should help to clear any data and cache that has been corrupted and caused the problem in the first place.

Smart Stay feature on Samsung Galaxy S7 may have a bug that caused the issue. Turn OFF Smart Stay feature by go to Settings > Display and then find Smart Stay option and toggle it OFF.

Other thing to try is to wipe cache partition. This is a long step where user needs to turn OFF their phone first. After that, press and hold Power button, Home button and Volume Up buttons together until Samsung logo appear on the screen before let go the Power button.

As for the other two buttons, keep pressing it until Android logo appear. After that, use Volume Up and Volume Down button to highlight “Wipe Cache Partition” and use Power button to select it. Select “reboot system now” when it’s done.

If everything doesn’t work, you can always do factory reset your device by go to Settings > Backup & reset > Reset setting. Make sure that you already back up the entire data in your phone before you do this. This is the last resort to try and with it there will be no more issue with camera app on Galaxy S7.

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