How to Fix Galaxy S7 Persistent SD Card Pop Up Message

How to get rid of annoying SD Card notification on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. There are lots of complaints from Samsung Galaxy S7 owner about a persistent message that keep saying “SD Card, for transferring photos and media” and ask people to either explore it or eject it.

If it only happens once or twice, then it will be all right. But if it keep happen at random time, then this is definitely annoying and you should deal with it right away.

How to Fix Galaxy S7 Persistent SD Card Pop Up Message

Now, this message usually pops up after you enter a new MicroSD card or after you reboot your phone. On both situations, a pop up message that asking you to explore or eject the card is very normal and you can choose the most suitable action.

But if the message pop up even when you didn’t do any of those two actions, then you may try to release re-insert it once again. Release the MicroSD carefully, and then placed it back nice and secure on its tray before you close it down.

If release and re-insert the card didn’t solve the problem, then it is possible that the card you use is at fault.

Try to use other MicroSD card you have in hand to see whether the problem is still persisted or not. If you still get the pop up message, then you may want to try other solution.

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Other possibility that cause this problem to happen is because the MicroSD card tray is not seated properly or perhaps there are some hardware problems that you don’t know about.

If this is the problem, you may want to ask the official technician to look at it and perhaps you need to ask for a handset replacement.

Try out the solution one at a time and give some time to check whether the problem is still there or not before you move to the next solution and hopefully your problem is solved.

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