How to Fix Galaxy S6 Edge Problem: Scratched Display

Some people who use Galaxy S6 Edge users report that they find problem with their phone screen views. They find that their phone screen display is scratched. This problem is quite irritating because Galaxy S6 Edge users cannot use the phone comfortably when there is a scratch on the display and it disturb the looks of the phone screen view.

Those scratches are looked as bad stains that ruin the looks of your expensive phone. May you cannot see the scratch indoor but it could become even clearer when you see it under a spotlight or under direct sunlight.

How to Fix Galaxy S6 Edge Problem: Scratched Display

However, you can expect more than a scratched display on your phone as it quite an expensive phone among other phones. Beside it ruins your phone appearance the scratch is also imperfect sign of your device as a whole. It could be caused by the factory fault on the production or something happen while it distributed until a damage causing this problem.

Anything could happen and causing this problem and you get the right to complain Samsung about this problem. However, you have to ensure that this damage is not caused by your own fault like you drop the phone, or it get hit unintentionally after you purchase the phone, so you can complain to Samsung comfortably.

As Galaxy S6 Edge users cannot comfortably use the phone with the scratched display on their phone screen they need to do something to overcome the problem. If you have the same problem with this, you also need to find solution for this scratched display problem on your phone screen.

It is said that there is only one potential solution to overcome this problem. That is the option that you need to go to carriers, retailers, or to Samsung directly to ask some help. Please ask a replacement handset to get the perfect and scratch-free displays on your phone to overcome your problem.

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