How to Fix Galaxy S6 Edge Problem: Auto Rotate Not Working

Some of Galaxy S6 Edge users report that they find problem with their phone screen views. They find that their phone screen auto rotate is not working. It’s getting stuck in portrait or landscape view and it won’t rotate properly.

This problem is quite irritating because Galaxy S6 Edge users cannot use the phone comfortably when the auto rotate screen is not working. It seems like because the accelerometer is not working properly and it happened to quite a lot of people, but there is no confirmed cause of this problem.

How to Fix Galaxy S6 Edge Problem: Auto Rotate Not Working

To see whether you have the same problem with that case, you can dial #*0*# and then tap Sensor. Please take a look at the Accelerometer Sensor data while you move your phone around or up and down to get the portrait and landscape view to see whether there is a problem with the screen view.

The following are some potential solutions you can try to overcome the problem. One of them is by pulling down the notification shade and check the Screen Rotation on the Quick Settings. Several people who use Galaxy S6 Edge report that their auto rotate screen problem is caused by the settings they saved in Nova Launcher while they use that launcher on the phone.

You can try to fix the problem by uninstalling this Nova Launcher and if this successful to resolve the problem, you can reinstall it without importing the previous settings to avoid the problem comes again.

Other potential solutions are the following options that usually suggested by Samsung before offering a replacement for your problematic device. Although many people report that these options are not quite successful to overcome their problem, it is better to try by yourself these options to see whether it can resolve your problem or not.

You can restart your Galaxy S6 Edge, test the Safe Mode, and go with a factory reset on your phone. Other users try to fix the problem by changing their charger in case that they assume the fast charging capability is the cause of this problem. You can try any of those options to see whether your problem is resolved or not.

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  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6. I was having trouble with the screen not rotating. I googled it, and discovered others had the same problem. The solution is ultra simple. Swipe downward from the top of the screen. This is called, ‘pulling down the shade’. There you will see the ‘Quick Set’ buttons. When the ‘Auto Rotate’ button is off it shows ‘Portrait’ instead, meaning the portrait view is turned on. Quick fix!


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