How to Fix Galaxy S6 Edge Night Clock Problem

Some of Galaxy S6 Edge owners report that they find problem with their phone screen views while they use the night clock feature. They find that their phone screen display is becoming all grey instead of black and a little special information space on the edge.

It is because the night clock is lighting up the entire phone screen until the entire screen becomes grey. This problem is quite irritating because Galaxy S6 Edge users cannot use the phone normally like it works as usual.

How to Fix Galaxy S6 Edge Night Clock Problem

The following are some potential solution you can try to overcome this problem. One of those potential solutions is by wiping the cache partition. Some of Galaxy S6 Edge users report that this option is quite successful.

You can perform wipe cache partition by turning off your Galaxy S6 Edge then hold down Power, Volume Up, and Home button at the same time. You will entering android recovery mode.

Please highlight Wipe Cache Partition using the Volume buttons, then press the Power button to select it. After the process is finished, please highlight Reboot System Now using the Volume buttons and then select it by pressing the Power button.

Other thing you can try to overcome the problem is by taking the factory reset option to your phone. Please make sure that you already backup your important files before you do this option.

After you ensure you already save your precious files, please go to Settings then select Backup and Reset, and tap Factory Data Reset then select Reset Device and finally please Erase Everything.

Some other users find that this problem is caused by a software issue. You can try to get the software update from Samsung by checking it on Settings, then tap About Device and choose Software Update and please choose Update Now.

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